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Next Gen Team

The Next Gen team is unique in that elite experts are brought in for every event, program and client service ranging from Branding, Marketing and Digital Strategy to Finance. This means that you gain a whole team of "Next Gen Leaders" to facilitate rapid growth for your business.


Travis J. Brady


Travis Brady is the owner of Next Gen Agency and the creator of “The Next Generation Coach.” His purpose is to spread “The Next Generation of Transformation Principles” to influencers and leaders, so they can create more influence and transform others through their brand and business.

Travis has been featured on podcasts, radio stations, and every major TV station. He hosts national & digital events, and has spoken on various stages all around the World. He has presented and coached many CEOs of top-rated companies, small businesses, organizations, sports teams, colleges, and high schools sharing Next Gen principles.

Travis, in his 17+ years of coaching, training, and speaking, has worked with thousands of people helping them create transformation in their businesses & lives. Travis is the host of the “Next Gen Coaching Chronicles” podcast, where he invites other leading coaches to share their gifts of transformation.

Travis has been involved in playing sports growing up, and values being a part of your team. He started the “To: The Next Generation Foundation” which provides adolescents the financial aid to play sports that wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity.

Travis is bold, knowledgeable, passionate, creative, and loving. Because of this, he is a well sought after mentor for businesses, influencers, and coaches alike, and because of his long journey in the coaching industry. He values leaving a legacy for years to come by helping others create their Next Gen Brand so they too can get their message out to the World.


Frank Wazeter


Having published his first website in 1996, Frank Wazeter is the ultimate Digital Strategist. His purpose is to help clients understand how to leverage the internet to expand their business - no matter what the market is. As he says "Most people understand the power of the internet, they just haven't figured out how to make it work to the level they want."

Frank has a professional website design and development background stretching back 15 years, including being responsible for major sites like Texas State University, in fact if you've been inside a PetSmart or PetCo in the past 10 years, you've seen Frank's design work directly. But the work he's most proud of are the dozen companies he's helped create their first million dollars per year through the internet.

What makes Frank unique in the internet realm is his background of in-the-trenches sales and marketing insights as a nationally recognized, award winning salesman. Combining the unique approach of helping clients discover their client language and better communicate with them through the web, so that their digital marketing isn't just more "corporate speak."

Frank offers exclusive consulting and development services with clients ranging from website design and development to marketing strategy and sales experience design to "do whatever it takes to rapidly grow your business in your market."


Sam Knickerbocker

Fuel your legacy

Samuel Knickerbocker's passion is to teach 21st-century financial habits to those that are hungry to reach the next level in their lives by establishing foundational beliefs and habits that transform the average life into a legacy of meaning.

He has been mentoring families and entrepreneurs on their money mindset for 7 years and has seen massive transformational results.

Sam loves to see you dig deep into yourself, learn to overcome your fear, and fully express your biggest dreams. His passion is to empower you with the financial foundation to create a meaningful legacy.

As he has assisted his clients through the process of establishing foundational mindsets he has seen peace come over their lives, the twinkle in their eye come back, their confidence in their future, and are satisfactied with the legacy they are building.

As their lives have been transformed they wanted to share what they have become and direct him to others who can benefit.

Samuel has made it his life’s purpose to teach mothers, fathers, and entrepreneurs LIKE YOU how to identify your desired legacy and establish the necessary foundation to last throughout the generations and maintain a HIGH INCOME.


Melissa Green

Head Event Manager

Melissa is the head event manager of the Next Gen events and our amazing Next Gen clients. She is a Godly, powerful, female entrepreneur. She is a single mom and has four amazing children and two beautiful granddaughters that she adores. She has been through many traumatic experiences in her life and with God’s help she has made it through those storms and chosen to find the good in every experience to better herself as well as the people around her. She says that “self love” is the best thing she has ever discovered.

Her passion is to help others facilitate mindset transformation through self love and discovering the best version of themselves! Helping others with health, wealth and connection and discovering their inner king or queen. She was blessed to be in ministry for seven years and has been on this growth journey for over fifteen years to continuously develop her own inner queen. #selfloveisnotselfish