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What Really makes the greatest sports brand leaders?

They usually start with a great Story.

You have a Story that can transform.

Next Gen Agency is all about sharing what makes you Unique, Different and Innovative to the world of sports. 

We call it NEXT GEN.

We Call this the Next Gen Brand Formula


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BrandingMentor | Story brand Builder | Athlete & Sports PRCoach

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Podcast host "The Story behind the brand"

18 years of coaching, mentoring & consulting

11 years of speaking experience

Prior Board Member of National Speakers Association

Former University of Utah Strength & Conditioning Coach

Worked with thousands of youth, high school, collegiate & pro athletes

About Travis Brady

Travis Brady is the Creator of Next Gen Agency which is a team of experts from all areas of business including videography, photography, graphics, web development, etc who believe that every person has a story to share with the world. 

Our mission is to team up with you and help you build a brand, business, and influential story that transforms the world.

Hi, I'm
Travis Brady

There could possibly be a long term relationship we build together and do some epic things together in business. The reason I say POSSIBLY… is because we might have different ideas, values, and personalities that don’t jive. Nothing personal, I just want to work with people I get along with. A lot of times you don’t choose your coaches or teammates. Business shouldn’t be that way. 

Let me share a couple ideas with you. If you agree then let’s talk more. If not, no hard feelings I still hope for the best for you.

1. i love sports and i love the process of Winning!

All of my life I played sports. Baseball, basketball, football, golf, etc. I still play as much as I can. However…now my main sport is business. It’s competitive. Requires a positive mindset and valuable skill sets. Business might not be your main sport right now but someday it will be. Nothing is guaranteed and no one is entitled to winning. If you feel entitled to money and you’re not willing to put in the work to learn, understand, and grow you’re in for a rough ride. Athletes that carry this entitlement EGO get more hate, less deals, and life has a tendency to humble that through tough times. People want to BE INSPIRED by you. 

In other words… I can’t help you get rich quick. It’s the long a proven game that builds wealth.

2. I'll give it to you honestly
& I expect the same From You

Too many times we get the sugar coated answer. Although it may taste good upfront it comes with a fat price to pay later. I can’t grow if my coaches and mentors are telling me what I want to hear. Part of working with businesses, athletes and brands we need to be honest on where we are at. The more honest you are in where you’re at the faster you can get where you want to be. 

In other words… the more conscious in who you are and how you show up the faster you can build a following. 

3. I believe that one person & one story can Transform The World.

You’ve invested a lot of time, money, effort, energy to be where you are. The same is true for my Next Gen team and me. We are always finding new ways to be better at our craft. I do believe you have a story that can transform the world. 

In other words… if you believe that. I mean truly do. Then that’s half the battle.

you're still here! Awesome!

Here’s what I would love to do next…

My main focus is helping you win long term in business and building off your exposure as an athlete.

That all starts with our Brand Strategy Breakdown & Analysis. This is a 60 minute session on zoom or in-person where we go deeper into this formula below.

After the session is over and it’s a good fit we can talk about next steps and how we work together. If not, no worries still would love to support you long term and support you with any resources we can.


Example: The story of thurl bailey

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