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Scale Your Influence, Income & Time Freedom through the 5 phases of business

Be Next Gen.


First You Build
Your Identity.

Phase 1

Then You Build The
Right Systems.

Phase 2
Phase 3

...and The
Right Team

Phase 4
Phase 5
5 phases of business web

Resulting In You Earning The "IIT" Life.

That Means: Income + Influence + Time Freedom.


AKA, Your Business and Your Brand Becomes NEXT   GEN.

Gain Next Gen Marketing, Sales, Branding and Digital Strategy For Your Business


"Be Next Gen" is a movement all about upleveling your business, life and influence. Next Gen Coaching offers world class transformational coaching and training, experiential events and challenges to bring your game as an entrepreneur, leader and influencer into the next generation.


As an entrepreneur, business leader and influencer, there are no 'college courses' you can take to prepare yourself for the journey of building and scaling a successful business. Events fill this critical training and education gap while exposing you to like-minded individuals and get access to the critical strategies, tactics and know-how in order to "be next gen" in your business.

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