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Ryan Sandstrom approached us after being at a law firm for about a decade. He was burnt out on working for someone else and losing passion in his job. He wanted to branch out and have his own business, which meant he needed to have a world class brand that represented his X-factors. However he was nervous things weren’t going to pan out the way he wanted and he would be stuck back in his position or worse… another law firm. 

We assured him that’s the least of his problems! His problem might be that he grows too fast! 

Before officially launching his business we started to work on discovering what would separate him from everyone else. Aka his Next Gen Factor. During the discovery and branding phase we worked on amping everything up to make a smooth transition into his first business. We broke down his experiences and story that led him to where he was at now for his brand demo video. His story of when he was younger and the misaligned jobs he got stuck in the past was a perfect experience to share for the brand demo video. With brand marketing we built out a podcast called, “Questae” which means "mindset." One thing Ryan did well was set-up referral partners that allowed him to maintain a continuous flow of clients. He was very calculated and precise in his steps. He worked hard and put in the hours to make it work.

Since then he made more money in the first 8-weeks than he did all last year. Then he doubled his revenue in the first 3 months and in one day alone broke 1-million dollars! Like we said… growing too fast is going to be his biggest problem.


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Ryan is a great dude! He is a family man and I’d admire his ethics and values. Every client takes away a lot from our team.

However, we learn alot from them too. Ryan always shared his journey openly and I learned a lot from him. It’s been really fun to be a part of his journey and see his success.

We've gone golfing together and have been over to his house for a pool party and BBQ. He’s personally helped me on some legal issues and I can’t thank him enough. We are grateful to have worked with him and it’s awesome to continuously see his success. 


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