When Rachel approached us she had just barely begun making money in real estate. Her first 6-months she didn’t have much to show. It was a scary time since she walked away from her teaching job in California. However she felt her brand was limiting her from bigger, better, and more consistent clients. 

Through the branding process we really leaned into her story of making a transformation in her career as a realtor. We built all her graphics and logos to represent her as a luxury realtor. We built her story brand demo video which really set her up for success with clients because it gave them an opportunity to really know her. When you know someone you trust them.

When you trust them you work with them. Within that year she was able to generate over half a million dollars in commissions in real estate and has been featured on tv shows as an expert in her field. Since then her husband entered the real estate industry as a loan officer and now they work in tangent with each other helping families make the greatest transitions in their lives.

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What I love about Rachel is she is very genuine and outgoing. She really cares about her clients. It was never about the money, it was about doing something bigger and more meaningful.

Her WHY was her dad who passed away from cancer. She has a genuine voice. She looks the part and has her regular shows on tv that she is perfect for. Rachel represents realtors with the highest integrity and it was so fun working with her through the process.

I went to school with her husband Ryan, and we have gone golfing together and I continually follow them on social media.


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