When Jeremy came to us he was moving to Utah from Washington and worried about the drop in income. He also was concerned about building a team because of problems in the past of scaling. Up until that time he had only broken 150k once in his business. 

We leaned into a high end luxury vibe to get into business with big builders and people wanting to redo their basements. We re-structured his sales process and he took the bull by the horns and made continuous changes in his marketing and his sales process to close bigger sales. However his brand built a stronger image and he was able to build some really important referral partners that helped him close 6-figure days and was about to break one million dollars the next year in his business!

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Jeremy is a solid dude. He is very humble and trustworthy. Contractors sometimes get a bad name in the industry. Who he is and how we built his brand broke all those perceptions.

He worked hard through the process even during a move to Utah. He invested into going to all events multiple times and being involved. He was easy to work with and I also hired him to do work in my house in Arizona. He did great.

It seems like sooner or later we hire or refer clients that we trust, out to close friends. We have also built a friendship outside of business. I really admire him and his success in business. He is a great dad and I appreciate who he is as a person. He is the type of friend you want in your corner.


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