Our Work:
Hype Videos

The hype video is meant to capture the attention of ideal clients and get them hyped upon on your event, program, or service. It brings in more senses and visuals to your ideal audience to build you as the brand leader. Branding is about getting people to feel excitement, joy, and adrenaline. Hype videos are perfect ways to draw out an idea for your clients about what doing business with your brand is like.

High Point

This hype video was done to promote their re-brand of the business and to start promoting their movement as a company. This video came from a 4-Day Documentary we did in SouthEastern Arizona.

This video will be used to play at expo events and in their main building as customers walk in.

Next Gen Agency
Business Retreat

This video was done to highlight a business retreat we do every year for our team member and clients.

Business retreats are a great way to travel, build relationships, build partnerships among clients and with the big discounts available for big groups it makes it a win-win-win for everyone involved.

Miami Millionaire

This video was meant to hype up an event that a client was doing in Miami. This was the first video you watched coming to the landing page of the website.

The event was 5k a ticket so we needed to have a world class logo, video, and landing page to attract the athletes and people who were going to be coming to the event.

Strengthen Your World

This video is audio voice with video. It brings in an added dimension with the voice over to promote an event, service, or anything else you’re promoting. 

Your Story Can Transform The World