guys weekend

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May 9th - 12th
thursday - sunday

Why am I doing this event?

I have some epic friends that I look up to in different aspects of business, leadership, life and wanted to bring everyone together for a guy weekend to have fun and create some awesome memories while getting some awesome photos and videos to use for marketing, so we can tell our wives it’s for work. 😉 Because were creating a video that goes Viral! 

I don’t know what that looks like? I just know over the course of a guys weekend we can get at least something to go viral. 

If you’re on this page I have personally invited you!

Here’s What’s Included:

  • All Food & Drinks Included for weekend (Open for Personal Requests)
  • Stay at the house (no hotel needed, unless you wanted your own private space)
  • All Marketing Photos & Video Reels from professional videographer
  • Entry Fee into sports tournament: Pool, Mini Golf, & Corn hole bracket: 1st place: $200 2nd place: $75 (Split per team

Here’s The Tentative Gameplan: No Times official


7pm: Arrive at house get settled and go out to eat


9am: Early Morning Workout & Pickleball 

Noon: Lunch

2pm: Golf 4-Man Scramble 

7pm: BBQ & Party at house

8pm: Start Sport Tournament:  Corn Hole, Mini-Golf, Pool


9am: Early Morning Hike Camelback Mountain

Noon: Brunch

2pm: Spring Training Baseball Game 

6pm: Sport Tournament: Corn Hole, Mini-Golf, Pool


10am: Breakfast

Noon: Pool & Chill & Finish Tournament

5pm: Old Town Scottsdale


10am: Breakfast

Noon: Pool

Head home

Let’s go have some fun!