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Brand Story Videos

Connection, Trust, Love &  Authority are the most important things to build with your potential clients. The best way to build this is through stories. There’s a reason why Facts Tell. Stories Sell.

This video will help sell you as a leader which leads into producing joint ventures, collaborations, speaking engagements, products, and your services. This is a high quality production (5-P’s Promise, Picture, Proof, Pitch, Polish) documentary video starting from the branding process and ending with a world class video that influences, inspires, and educates our ideal audience.

These videos fast forward your ideal clients buying patterns helping them feel more confident and certain when working with you.

Thurl Bailey
NBA Athlete, NBA Commentator & Motivational Speaker

Thurl was wanting to promote his new book which was based upon the 30 for 30 Documentary: Survive & Advance. The book was based upon leadership skills that can be taught to any team, company, or organization. What I love about the video is that he shared his journey to the NBA through his college experience using leadership principles that he can apply to his speaking. Videos like this are what sells the speaking even though the speaker shares the same thing in their presentation. Most companies want to see it in action before they put it in action. 

Thurl Bailey continues to be a top sought after speaker and has arguably built a bigger brand outside of the NBA then he did inside of  it.

Joe Dennis
Mental Therapist

Joe came to us wanting to be seen as more of a leader at this company. He wanted to be a part of the management rather than just an employee. We talked about the importance of looking like the chief and how it would help him in that goal. In this video we really focused on his experience that would relate most to his clients. Since his clients battle depression, PTSD, and thoughts of suicide, we thought it would be good for him to share his experience in the video. I love the main slogan and it really enforces the importance of hiring him to his clients. 

After finishing the video his management offered him a higher position and so all was a success!

Rachel Williams
Real Estate Agent

Rachel came to us frustrated being beaten out by other novice realtors for the position. We talked about the importance of sharing the WHY of her being in real estate. The story talks about her dad’s influence and how it drove her to do bigger things in life which expanded into real estate and moving to Utah. I love this video because of the emotion she was able to share and the rawness of her unconditional love for clients. 

She went from 1 transaction in the first 6-months to breaking multiple 6-figures the next year. She is a great person and the video really matched her vibe.

Eric McNeil
Mentor, Speaker & Financial Expert

Eric had success in his financial business however he was wanting to expand his career into more coaching and speaking. We thought it would be good to show his huge surprise transition from the corporate world to being out on his own with another life altering scenario. It really shows the tenacity of who he is. I cry every time I watch the video! The end he breaks the ups and down which paves the way for people to see he has the whole journey figured out. 

Since he has been working with some big athletes, clients, and has been hosting big coaching events in Miami. All the while busting out 6-figure days in his business.

Frank Wazeter
Web Developer, Inc & Entrepreneur Writer

Frank is one of the members of the Next Gen team. We built this video to give more context to his journey in web design. The personal journey ties in perfectly to his craft and gives context of the importance to building an identity online. I love the shadows and lighting of the video. He speaks directly to the camera and gives a very personable conversation to the audience. 

Each event he gets more and more people walking up to him wanting to converse more than he ever has before. The video gives him the ability to go right into his main presentation after answering the basic question everyone has. 1. Why should I listen to you?

Ryan Sandstrom

Ryan Sandstrom approached us after being at a law firm for about a decade. He was burnt out on working for someone else and losing passion in his job. He wanted to branch out and have his own business, which meant he needed to have a world class brand that represented his X-factors. However he was nervous things weren’t going to pan out the way he wanted and he would be stuck back in his position or worse… another law firm. 

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